Turf Wars Experience for Four

  • Product code: TWGC4

Take your place in the UK's extraordinary Turf Wars! This is a Gift Card for a group of Four!

This is the perfect gift for any occasion, treat that special somebody to an amazing Turf Wars experience for them and three friends!

What is a Turf War?

"Turf Wars" are a new brand of Immersive Escape Room experiences with a number of unique twists...

1. A Turf War takes place not in a single room but in an entire complex, with multiple rooms, corridors, levels and arenas. It can be indoors or outdoors. We call these “Grids”.

2. Like an escape room there will be puzzles for you and your team of 4-10 (Challengers) to solve in order to win the Turf War, we call these “Stations” these will be dotted around the Grid. Some may be locked, some may be hidden. Each of these Stations will require a different ability to complete. These include:-

Mind - Will require intelligence
Body - A physical application
Soul - You will have to trade something
Skill - Hand-eye coordination is key
Belief - A leap of faith

3. Normal escape rooms will place you or your group in a room alone and expect you to escape in under 60 minutes. Turf Wars do just that but with one major difference! You will be placed on a Grid, with 60 minutes to take control, win the Turf War and escape, however there is one vital difference… You will NOT be alone. You will be Hunted.

Each of our Turf War experiences will place you against a single opponent. We call these “Hunters”. The Hunters control the Grids and ultimate are winning the Turf War before you even start.

The Hunters job is to stop you from accomplishing your goals at the stations by any means necessary!

Hunters can take many forms depending on which Turf War you are planning on starting. For family events they can be something like 'The Queen of Hearts' or if you're looking for something a little more adult try 'The Reaper's Turf Wars' where the Hunter will take the form of something rather horrifying!

It will be down to you and your team to choose which Hunter you wish to face and on what Grid you'll start the Turf War!

Please note this is 10+ only.

Late arrivals or guest arriving intoxicated may be refused entry. 

Cancellations 48 hours after booking only. If group is less than 6 you may be joined by others.